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About Us

Metria Design is a modern fashion accessory brand created by Rebeca and Dennis Pacas. 


Inspired by the events of our time and the indispensable nature of face masks, we sought to create something meaningful and useful. The result is our Morse Code Collection, a special series of mask chains with powerful messages. As a company, we believe in diversity, equality, and the freedom to express our individuality. We aim to do our part in helping our society be more accepting of differences because it is by embracing our differences that we can come together and be stronger. 


Our Metria Collection is a series of mask chains that serve in both fashion and function. Our designs reflect our love of the beach, science, and exploration. We hope to evoke a positive mood for your day when you pick up one of our mask chains and venture out.  


Thank you for supporting a husband and wife team! 


From our home to yours, all the best, 

Dennis & Rebeca 


All chains proudly designed and handmade in Los Angeles, CA USA.


Rebeca Pacas - Designer 

Dennis Pacas - Operations