Inspired by an interstellar color palette for your own personal space. 


Proudly designed and handmade in Los Angeles, CA

Galaxy Beaded Chain

    • To use as a mask chain, simply slide one hook over each ear loop and place the chain behind your neck. That's it! The chain will securely hold your mask when not in use. 
    • To use as a glasses strap, slide one rubber loop (included in your order) onto each hook and attach the free end of the rubber loop to your glasses' temples.
    • To use as a necklace push the open ends of the hooks together and voila!
    • Glass Beads
    • Antique Silver color metal hooks
    • Total length 24 inches
    • 2mm chain ~ 5.5 grams
    • 3mm chain ~ 10 grams
    • 4mm chain ~ 16 grams
    • To clean, use mild soap, water and a microfiber cloth