A word about size:

Standard - Shiny and lightweight, from space! (not really...but maaaybe)

Medium - A slightly bigger bead, for a "Hey! Look at me!" mood. Great if you don't mind a little extra weight.


A chic and versatile accessory that you can wear as a mask chain, necklace, or bracelet.  Our mask chain hooks onto your mask’s straps with metal lobster clasps to ensure a secure hold when hanging your mask around your neck.  Never lose, misplace, or bother with storing your face mask while out and about.  Whether running errands, or enjoying a night out,  our mask chain is an indispensable lightweight accessory that gives you the freedom to have your mask on or off. 


Proudly designed and handmade in Los Angeles, CA USA


Color: Hematite
    • Handmade
    • Glass Beads
    • Clasps: Zinc Metal Alloy, Nickel & Lead Free
    • Clasps Color: Gunmetal
    • Bead Color(s): Hematite
    • Approximately 24 inches long
    • Lightweight - Approximately 4 grams
    • For All Genders